600pc UNF Restoration Kit

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This universal 600 piece kit includes nut, bolt (set) and washers, in a range of sizes and is ideal for the restoration of Mini's, MGB's, Jaguars, Land Rovers, Triumphs, Morris and Ford's to name a few. 

All nuts, bolts (sets) and washers in this kit are supplied in a zinc passivated finish and are designed for the car restoration market but can be used in many applications. All bolts are Grade 8.8 High Tensile.

Kit Contents

  • 20x 3/8th x 1" bolts
  • 20x 3/8th x 1 1/2" bolts
  • 20x 5/16th x 3/4" bolts
  • 20x 1/4" x 3/4" bolts
  • 20x 1/4" x 1" bolts
  • 20x 1/4" x 1 1/2" bolts
  • 60x 1/4" Nylon Insert (Nyloc) Nuts
  • 60x 1/4" Hex Nuts
  • 40x 3/8th Nylon Insert (Nyloc) Nuts
  • 40x 3/8th Hex Nuts
  • 20x 5/16th Nylon Insert (Nyloc) Nuts
  • 20x 5/16th Hex Nuts
  • 60x 1/4" Spring Washers
  • 60x 1/4" Flat Washers
  • 40x 3/8th Spring Washers
  • 40x 3/8th Flat Washers
  • 20x 5/16th Spring Washers
  • 20x 5/16th Flat Washers
  • All items bagged (resealable) and labelled for ease of use and reference. 

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